Our Team

Adam Bąkowski

President of the Management Board of Telematics Technologies. He has been at the company since 2012. A fan of rugby and CrossFit.

Adam Bąkowski CEO

Adam Szarecki

He co-created the NaviExpert navigation from the first line of code. Head of IT, also responsible for product development. He is a fan of the agile approach to product development and using the Design Thinking method. Scrum propagator. A scientific mind with humanistic skills.

Adam Szarecki R&D Director

Paulina Molenda

Responsible for sales of NaviExpert on the open market as well as distribution of the navigation system at mobile operators and the advertisement offer in Rysiek. She has been working for NaviExpert since 2011. In her free time she is crazy about boards: wakeboard in summer and snowboard in winter.

Paulina Molenda GSM & B2C Channel Director

Maciej Dolata

"Show me the money" is his favourite saying. Finance, accounting and HR management is no secret to him. He likes trips to the mountains and listening to Pearl Jam. He has been working for Telematics Technologies for 5 years.

Maciej Dolata Finance Director

Katarzyna Przybylska

She has been working for Telematics Technologies since 2011. She is responsible for marketing of the services included in the company's portfolio and media contacts. Personally, a fan of the Polish reporting school and her Golden Retriever.

Katarzyna Przybylska Head of Marketing

Bernadeta Stożek

She is responsible for development of insurance products utilising information about people's driving styles. Together with LINK4, she introduced telematics into the Polish insurance market. Passionate about new technologies, psychology and CrossFit. She has been working for the company for 6 years.

Bernadeta Stożek Head of Business Development

Product Owners

Katarzyna Kilijanek

Product Owner of the NaviExpert app, including the versions for mobile network operators. She is the head of the HelpDesk department. She has been with NaviExpert since 2010. Katarzyna loves to cook and test new recipes.

Katarzyna Kilijanek Product Owner & Head of the HelpDesk department.

Michał Krzemiński

Product Owner of NaviExpert Traffic, also involved in the work of NaviExpert Telematics team. He works as a User Experience Internal Consultant. In his free time, he wanders the roads of Europe on his bike with his wife and son.

Michał Krzemiński Product Owner & User Experience Internal Consultant

Kamil Żmijewski

With the company since 2010. Product Owner of Rysiek, FindPark and NaviExpert Telematics Service. He is an activist and a supporter of Lech Poznań.

Kamil Żmijewski Product Owner

B2B Team

Zachariasz Brusiło

Responsible for the development of sales of NaviExpert Telematics. He has been with the company since 2017. After hours, he is passionate about diving and trips to Asia.

Zachariasz Brusiło Head of B2B Sales

Agnieszka Himel

With the company since 2017. Agnieszka is responsible for the development of B2B NE Telematics and for partner channels. She is a reserve soldier of the National Reserve Forces, an enthusiast of motoring and photography.

Agnieszka Himel Head of B2B Product Development & Partner Channel

Development Team

Przemek Gaweł

Has been with the company from the beginning. He is the head of the research department and one of the main architects of Community Traffic technology. Przemek loves tea. In his spare time, he plays the guitar.

Przemek Gaweł Head of the research department

Tomasz Hapke

The manager of the map department, with the company since 2005. A geographer by education. In his free time he turns into a sea dog and sails on lakes and seas.

Tomasz Hapke Head of the map department

Radek Kilijanek

The head of the tests department at Telematics Technologies. With the company since 2011, his passions include motorcycles, gym, and books.

Radek Kilijanek Head of the tests department

Michał Kozłowski

The head of the backend department. He has been working for the company for 10 years. Michał is an enthusiast and advocate of agility in the field of project management. Backpacker who has been in love with the Polish sea ever since he became a father.

Michał Kozłowski Head of the backend department

Marek Kubiak

PhD in computer science (Poznan University of Technology). Marek has been with the company since 2009. He is responsible for the development of IT tools and sales support. After hours, he devours classic detective stories and is a secret admirer of mathematics.

Marek Kubiak Senior software developer

Mateusz Mirski

In the company since 2007. From the start, in charge of the mobile application which he continues to develop with passion. In private, husband and father of two children. In his free time, amateur electronic engineer, fascinated by the underwater world.

Mateusz Mirski Mobile Team Leader