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We started as a supplier of NaviExpert, the first navigation system for smartphones with the feature of avoiding traffic, available from all telecommunications operators in Poland.

Today, we are the leader not only on the Polish LBS market but also the insurtech market. Together with LINK4 (PZU Group) we have implemented the first Usage Based Insurance solution in the country.

We are also active on the B2B market helping companies manage fleets. Our portfolio includes a video recorder and alert system called Rysiek as well as FindPark - car park search engine.

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Useful applications for drivers

Useful applications for drivers

We specialise in apps for drivers – both for individual customers as well as corporate clients.

One of the biggest LBS platforms in Poland

One of the biggest LBS platforms in Poland

We reached several million downloads of our applications and over 600 thousand active users per month.

Usage Based Insurance

Usage Based Insurance

We have implemented the first solution in Poland providing the possibility of the insurance premium being dependent on a given person's driving style.

Telematics for companies

Telematics for companies

We have created our own system for supporting fleet management, based on monitoring of vehicles and analysis of a given person's driving style.

Crash detection

Crash detection

We are the creator of an innovative system of collision and car accidents detection, allowing for automatic calling of help to the victim.

Dane drogowe

Road data

We have the most up-to-date information on traffic jams, road events, speed limits and drivers' behavior!

Mobile advertisement

Mobile advertisement

We offer campaigns with the use of banners and context advertisement (also sound advertisement).

Monitoring systems

Monitoring systems

We obtain telematics data on the basis of GPS and accelerometers from smartphones, OBDII, beacons, as well as 12V devices.



For 12 years, we have been working on an online car navigation system, NaviExpert, which is used by hundreds of thousands of drivers every day to avoid traffic, be warned about road-related incidents, benefit from the latest maps and save time when parking.

NaviExpert Telematics

How do we change business? By introducing the NaviExpert Telematics service designed for people who manage car fleets at companies. Thanks to our solutions, fleet managers can handle company cars efficiently, improve safety of their employees and reduce costs of the fleet.

PZU go

The solution prepared by us for the insurer PZU. A small sensor (beacon) installed in the car works with the mobile application to automatically call for help in the event of an accident.

NaviExpert offered by operators

Have you heard of NaviExpert? Perhaps you are familiar with Orange Navigation, Play Navigation, Plus Navigation or T-Mobile Navigation? It is NaviExpert that is actually hidden under each of the above navigation systems, in mobile operator versions, with convenient payment methods added to the phone bill.

Orange Play Plus T-mobile

Our navigation system available in the LINK4 offer was additionally fitted with a module for analysing the style of driving. By combining telematics data about one's driving style with the existing data, LINK4 has become the first insurer in Poland to offer the possibility of obtaining a refund of a part of the insurance premium in exchange for safe and smooth driving.

Rysiek WidziMisie

Rysiek is a speed camera alert system and video recorder in one. This app aggregates road-related information obtained from multiple sources


There is also something for drivers who always struggle to find a parking spot. FindPark is the biggest search engine for car parks in Poland - both public and private ones.


Do you want to know where are your loved ones? Or maybe you are annoyed by continuous calls with the questions "where are you?". Seeya allows you to share your GPS position with your loved ones, as well as observe the location of those people who share their location with us.


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