Planning an investment in insurance telematics? Couple facts and concepts you need to know before… 02/05/2022 Planning an investment in insurance telematics? Couple facts and concepts you need to know before…

At meetings with insurers, in many conference presentations, backstage and official industry discussions, we hear one question more and more: does aftermarket telematics still have any future?

You can find answers to this and many other questions in our latest report entitled: The future of auto insurance telematics. Will OEMs/Connected Vehicles eat up the aftermarket?

What else you can learn from our paper:

  • OEM vs aftermarket telematics – what’s the difference? Will telematics based on OEM data be an opportunity to get rid of the cost of buying additional equipment?
  • What customer groups will the OEM revolution ignore? Facts & figures about the current OEM market
  • How to project telematics insurance programme to not only succeed in the short term, but to have the advantage to dominate the market in the mid and long term? The unsung strategy of Europe’s top UBI brands
  • What will change the market most: OEMs, Vehicle Data Hubs, or… Google? And where is the place of Telematics Service Providers?
  • What is now the biggest chance for insurers to stop being a commodity? A still blue ocean space to stand out on the market, get the most profitable customers and strengthen their loyalty
  • Crisis, war, pandemic and dynamic global changes: which hardware solution will be supported by the future supply chain and projected regulations? Does the Data Act protested by the automotive industry have a chance to change anything?

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Who is responsible for the information and analysis contained in our report:

Matteo Carbone – internationally recognized as an insurance industry strategist with a specialization on innovation. Author and world-renowned authority on InsurTech – ranked among top international InsurTech Influencers and connected to a broad and strong network of insurance innovators – have spoken to audiences worldwide. Ideated and currently managing an international insurance think tank focused In IoT Insurance. 

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