Additional value for drivers, market advantage for the insurer 30/03/2022 Additional value for drivers, market advantage for the insurer

How to increase the competitiveness of the insurance offer and distinguish it in a crowded market?

How do you get customers to see insurance as a source of additional benefits, rather than focusing solely on the price?

How to increase the number of customer interactions with the insurer’s brand, and create a richer bond between the supplier and the insured?

At Telematics Technologies, we specialize in applications for drivers − both for individual and business customers. Use their potential to distinguish your offer from among dozens of similar policies offered by other insurers.

Drivers love to use our apps 

This is evidenced by millions of downloaded applications, over 600 thousand active subscribers and three thousand fleet cars serviced by our system!

We have also been trusted by all the largest brands on the Polish telecommunications market (Orange, Plus, Play, T-Mobile), offering our applications in the white label model as an additional value for customers using their services.

What additional services can we enrich your offer with?

Navigation built for drivers and by drivers

For almost 17 years, we have been creating one of the most recognizable brands of car navigation, thanks to which hundreds of thousands of drivers use up-to-date maps every day taking into account speed limits, avoid traffic jams, and save time and avoid dangers on the road.

These years of experience alloved us to develop unique know-how and UX, advanced algorithms, and the largest database of sources for constantly updated information about what is happening on the roads. 

Parking search engine with the payment option from the application level

It allows you to plan a trip with parking, or easily and efficiently find a parking space when visiting the most crowded places. It allows you to quickly check the distance to the nearest parking lot, parking costs, information about paid parking zones and the type of parking space. In addition, there is the option of quick payment for parking with a few clicks in the application. 

Video recorder, anti-radar and information about current road checks

An application that turns your smartphone into a dash cam and allows you to record videos linked to the route travelled based on GPS data. 

Thanks to the unique, proprietary Community CB technology, our application processes hundreds of thousands of requests per month. They come from sources such as: users of our applications, monitoring of CB channels, radio and the Internet, and allow drivers to be constantly warned about:

  • Speeding,
  • Speed cameras, road checks, sectional speed measurements,
  • Accidents, police patrols,
  • Repairs, road blocks, 
  • Bad weather conditions and dangerous places.

A complete system for managing corporate fleet

Thanks to our system, fleet managers efficiently manage company cars, improve the safety of their employees and reduce fleet costs.

Here are some of the features of our fleet management solution:

  • Analysis of drivers’ driving style and GPS monitoring − provides information related to road safety and the degree of vehicle operation; allows you to watch over the route taken by employees and informs about crossing the limits of permitted zones,
  • Automation of tax settlements − preparation and sending of mileage records to the Tax Office with a few clicks,
  • Work time management in accordance with the GDPR − car monitoring broken down into business and private use,
  • Fleet cost control − kilometers traveled, costs in PLN per kilometer, and the impact of route selection and employee driving style on fuel costs, cost records based on entered invoices,
  • Calendar with notifications − reminders about inspections, services, insurance and similar important events