Usage Based Insurance – higher profitability, competitive premiums 11/03/2022 Usage Based Insurance – higher profitability, competitive premiums

Usage Based Insurance (UBI) is the easiest way to individualize the risk of policyholders, personalize premiums and increase the profitability of the insurance business. 

Usage may concern both the way the car is used, the driver’s driving style (PHYD, i.e. Pay How You Drive), and the distances covered by the vehicle (PAYD, Pay As You Drive). The above factors directly affect the amount of the insurance premium. Unlike demographic data based policies – often declarative – UBI allows to estimate the risk of an accident in a more reliable way. 

Benefits for the insurer:

  • Personalization. A huge advantage in the post-pandemic market. It allows you to give the customer control over the premium, by calculating it on the basis of factors depending on them: distance covered, safe driving style, place and time of use of the car.
  • Greater competitiveness, not only among young drivers. Fairer and more competitive premiums thanks to precise risk calculation.
  • Higher profitability. UBI policies act as a magnet for three groups of drivers – those who drive well, those who drive little and those who see themselves as safe drivers. Attracting the first two groups is pure profit for the insurer. Attracting representatives of the third group with the simultaneous use of incentive mechanisms to improve the driving style allows for an additional increase in the group of drivers with no claims and to reduce the costs of compensation.
  • Greater low-risk customer retention. Thanks to value-added services, gamification and personalized communication, UBI policies turn dormant customers into active users, maintaining daily contact with the insurer’s brand. The increase in loyalty and the decrease in the churn rate is all the more significant as it affects low-risk drivers.
  • Digitization of services. Usage based insurance is based on telematics solutions. Thanks to this, it is possible to fully digitise insurance services, thus ensuring safe and convenient access to them. Personalized communication, in time and with knowledge of the context in which the user is located? Possibility to test scoring before purchasing a policy in the mobile application? Subscription payments? Welcome to our world!

Why is it worth choosing us as a partner when creating a UBI policy?

A proven scoring model that will bring you real savings

  • It reflects reality well and predicts the loss ratio. It is based on factors such as: driver’s behavior in relation to the speed limits applicable in a given section, rapid acceleration, braking, time of day, week, region and road category, driver’s concentration/distraction. 
  • Proven on many types of devices. We work with data from individual types of devices such as smartphones, OBD devices, 12V, beacons. Using AI algorithms and machine learning methods, we can process them into reliable forecasts, taking into account the characteristics of the device from which we collected the data. 

Software tailored to your needs, but based on our experience

  • You don’t have to reinvent the wheel and build your solution from scratch.
  • We know what works and how to implement it. Just tell us what effect you want to achieve, and we will match the best and proven solutions to you and your expectations. 

Easy implementation, without unnecessary difficulties

  • The implementation of our technology is quick. When creating new projects, we use complete modules built for the purposes of previous solutions. Of course, each project requires personalization − but thanks to this approach, we minimize the scale of costs and the time to market. 

We know driver applications like no other!

  • We started in 2005 as a premium navigation provider for smartphones. The NaviExpert app and its white label versions available in all Poland’s mobile network operators offers (Orange, Play, Plus and T-Mobile Navigation) have received millions of downloads over the years, high ratings on Google Play and the App Store, and recognition of independent journalists conducting automotive tests. Despite the free navigation solutions available on the market, every month, access to our service is paid by over 600,000 active users. 
  • We have also successfully launched other driver applications to the market, with tens or even hundreds of thousands of downloads! These include the Rysiek video recorder and antiradar, the FindPark parking search engine, the NaviExpert Telematics application for fleet drivers, and the assistance application supporting the crash detection and reconstruction. 
  • Working with us, you can apply each of the elements used in our solutions in your UBI project. By gaining access to features that are useful while traveling, your customers will be more likely to use your services.